Hannoveraner Newsletter (Verband) is a German stationed newsletter from Verden/Aller, that has comprehensive and astonishing data facts as well as offers in horse sports, breeding training and also, providing their Horse Clinic in Verden, Germany, Hannoveraner newsletter is going to cover all of your needs for information, not only on Hanoveranian breed horses but also on other horse breeds.

Do not worry about the language barriers, Hannoveraner Newsletter (Verband) is available in German language, English and Spanish language.

Nevermind if you are the beginner, alreadyown a warmblooded horse or looking for a one, these newspaper will help you to begin from the scratch or if you are already a professional in this field, to get you a lot of information on Hanoverian and Verden breeds, mares, breeder’s clubs, training and a lot more.

The name Hannoveraner Newsletter comes from a warmblood horse breed, Hanoverian horse, popular all around the world and seen participating in the Olympic Games or in the British riding clubs and all sorts of competitive riding sports.

The Hanoverian horse is one of the oldest, most popular horse breeds with a long and amazing history as being one of the most successful warmblood horses.

Not only the Hannoveraner Newsletter provides you with assistance in horse breeding, but these papers also include a lot of offers to keep you in the game!

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A small insight into the original offers


Offer is granted by Hannoveraner Verbund and takes place in Verden, Germany.


Verden Horse Clinic is available for all your needs with an undespicable reputation for more than over 20 years.



This program is for Hanoverian horses only, with a specific date and offers you lectures on Hanoverian bloodlines and specific lessons. Do not miss a date for your breeding orientation course as at the end of the programme you get a license for your Hanoverian horse, after finishing the course, which lasts for four (4) days.

TRAINING OF A RIDER AND A HORSE, IN VERDEN This special offer gives you classical training, but you’ll have to go to Germany to participate.
If you are in a need of a specific training program, Hannoveraner Newsletter has offered in the fields of dressage and for example, jumping competitions among many others.
Let’s be honest, the offer is wide and cannot keep you disappointed because it covers all fields of horse training, maintenance and mare training sets.
BUT, be aware, if you already own a Hanoverian or a Rhenish horse, a membership with Hanovanner Verband is A MUST as well as a membership in your local horse breeder’s club!
Prices are listed online on the Hannoveraner Newsletter website and other forms of membership are also available.

More information

The Hannoveraner Newsletter is linked to over 90 horse breeder’s clubs but which are only stationed in Germany.

It is very simple to get information or get your horse breeding certification with pre-prepared online membership and other application forms.

From young breeders, Horse market, information on Hanoverian breed or a Verden auction, Hannoveraner Newsletter has it all.

A true source of information for not only Hanoverian breeders but also other horse owners and lovers of this sport.